2016 Mike Galassi (Life Time Achievement Award)

2016 Mike GalassiMike Galassi is active with the Ohio State Former Boxers Association, and he is currently serving as president of the organization.

Galassi promotes the Golden Gloves boxing program, and supports other local boxing programs. “I love the camaraderie; your boxing friends are your friends for life,” Galassi said.

His support for boxing has led Galassi to volunteer his time and talents to help young and up coming boxers in the Cleveland area. Galassi is a business agent and organizer for Cleveland’s Baker’s Union Local 19.

As busy as Galassi is, his primary focus has always been on his family and being a good husband and father.

As a business agent, Galassi works very diligently for the best interest of the union members.

Galassi was born in Scranton, PA on January 5, 1943 to the late Angelo and Eleanor Galassi. The couple had five children: Angelo (deceased), Theodore, Enrico, Mike, and Roseanne. Following the divorce of his parents, Galassi and his brothers were placed in St.Michael’s school for boys. It was at St. Michael’s that Galassi was first introduced to boxing. Galassi later boxed for Larry Madge and Willie Champian.

Galassi has kept busy in his career as a business agent and organizer for Cleveland’s Baker’s Union Local 19.  He was inducted into the Legends of Leathers Boxing Association Hall of Fame at its 19th annual awards dinner in October of 2005.

His most important job, according to Galassi, is husband and father. He is devoted to his wife, Debbie, and their five children: Michelle, Melissa, Michael, who is a policeman for Cleveland; Rachael, and Vincent, who recently graduated from Strongsville High School. He is blessed with six grandchildren. He and his wife, Debbie reside in Strongsville.