2016 Paul LaBuda (Man Of The Year)

2016 Paul LaBudaPaul LaBuda was devoted to the sport of boxing and followed the careers of many amateur and professional boxers in the Cleveland area. Although LaBuda was not a boxer, he was an excellent athlete in a number of sports.

LaBuda was born and raised in Cleveland, and he attended the Cleveland Public Schools where he graduated from the old South High School. In high school, LaBuda was on the wrestling and decathlon teams.

He received an associates degree in business from Cuyahoga Community College. Following graduation, LaBuda and his wife, Judy, have been married for 49 years. They have two sons, Stan and Gary.

LaBuda began working at the Fisher Foods Warehouse in Bedford Heights when he became a union member. His union affiliations have been long and fruitful where he became a member of Teamster Local 507 for 24 years. During his association with the union, LaBuda held several union offices including: business agent, trustee, recording secretary, and vice president.

His union affiliation continued and he has been a member of Baker’s
Union Local No. 19 for 36 years. LaBuda served as president of the Baker’s Union for 16 years. LaBuda was the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM) Local Union general executive board member, Region II for 15 years, and he served as the vice president for the AFL-CIO, Ohio for 16 years.

He has served as the treasurer for the Ohio Teamsters Credit Union, and executive vice president of BCTGM East Central States Council as well as holding the following positions in the organization: secretary treasurer; snack & pasta council trustee; trustee for the Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Health and Welfare and Pension Funds; and the Cleveland Bakers Local No. 19 Charitable, Education and Recreational Fund.

LaBuda is an avid golfer, and he has played softball on several teams
while serving as director of the Teamster & Bakers Softball league for 16 years. LaBuda was honored by the Parma Democratic Club as 2015 Union Democrat of the Year. LaBuda was inducted into South High School Hall of Fame and the Ohio State Former Boxers And Associates, Inc. Hall of Fame in 2007. LaBuda is being honored with The Man Of The Year Award.